Depending on your challenges and objectives, you can complete your management tool with additional services, offered à la carte.


Fuel protection and consumption optimization

SECURIFUEL est une solution complète, logicielle et matérielle, qui vous fait économiser du carburant :

  • A platform for the management, analysis and optimization of fuel consumption
  • A connected, non-intrusive tank sensor.

In the event of an abnormal drop in fuel level (suspicion of theft), SECURIFUEL triggers an alarm (100 dB) to scare off thieves and sends an SMS and/or email notification to identified recipients (driver, manager, etc.).


The onboard camera to secure your drivers

SECURICAM is a complete video solution, software and hardware, to fight against road incivilities and secure your drivers:

  • A platform for managing and analyzing road behavior. Setting alerts, viewing and saving relevant videos.
  • A dual camera (roadside / driver side) connected and equipped with artificial intelligence to detect risky behavior, warn drivers and record events

The use of video improves driver behavior, provides evidence in the event of a dispute and limits abusive complaints against the company.


Temperature monitoring of transported goods

Lhe Temperature Monitoring service is a complete device allowing you to monitor the temperatures of the transported goods and to be immediately alerted in case of anomaly.

  • Pairing of 1 to 4 probes
  • Setting of alert thresholds
  • Temperature readings every 10 minutes
  • Alerts when thresholds are exceeded
  • History of trips and alerts
  • Instant or periodic reports

The Temperature Monitoring service allows you to respect the cold chain and to be alerted in real time in case of anomaly.